3D & 4D Ultrasound


For all of the expectant parents out there, now you can see your unborn baby in live 4D motion. Woodlands Ultrasound uses cutting edge ultrasound technology to bring images of your unborn baby to life. You can actually see what your baby is going to look like before he or she is born!

Your 3D/4D Ultrasound

With 4D ultrasound scanning, you’ll be able to see your baby in a way you never thought possible. From a yawn, to a cry, to a blink, to outstretched hands, you can now put a face to the name sooner than ever before.
A 3D/4D ultrasound session provides a connection between expectant parents and their child. It’s amazing when the 3D & 4D images are compared to 2D images because the picture of the baby is more realistic.

Woodlands Ultrasound uses the GE Voluson 730 for the 4-D ultrasound images. The difference between 3-D and 4-D imaging is that now you can see clear, moving images of your baby instantly. This introduces a whole new level of information of what your baby looks like before he or she enters the world. This represents an incredible leap forward in ultrasound technology and a great opportunity to view your unborn child

Ultrasound Package $150


DVD video

Assortment of black & white still photographs

CD containing numerous color images

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